The Man Bag

The man bag done right

The man bag done right

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man bag

Man Bag

The Man Bag

The Man Bag

10 Stylish Man Bags For Your iPad

On the rise: sales of man-bags have risen 143 per cent over the

Men all around (but especially our PurseBop followers) get ready to embrace the change, and flaunt your accessories! The stigma of the “manbag”, “murse”, …

The Man Bag

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Ecco Black Leather Laptop Bag: $250.00

There’s a new must-know fashion term in our midst: Murse (pronounced mer-s)— a bag a man carries to tote around daily necessities, all the while staying …

If you plan on buying a leather anything, please note that “genuine” leather is actually a grade of leather, and it’s nearly the worst kind (see leather …

The Man Bag: To Have Or To Hold?

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Ryan Gosling carries off the backpack look

Although perhaps never quite as fashion-led as the women’s handbag, the ‘man bag’s cultural and historical importance can’t be underestimated.

The Man Bag, the murse, whatever you call it, outside of designer toting rappers or European soccer stars, is it ever ok for a man to rock the bag?

A$AP Rocky Shows How to Wear the Man Bag With Flair

The Man Purse Game: Utilitarian Or Emasculating?**

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Man Bag for men – Louis Vuitton

Man bags lead to back troubles